How we give back

Over 600 women have been brutally killed in Juarez, Mexico in the last decade. Anywhere from 400 to 500 are still missing. These humble Mexican women, (girls, most of them, between the ages of 12 and 22, mostly slender, long-haired and pretty) were either walking to or from their $50-a-week jobs at one of the maquiladoras.

On May 1, 2004 I formed a foundation under the non-profit status of St. Mark's Methodist church, named Pink Crosses. The initial purpose of the foundation was to bring comfort and closure to the families of the murdered girls in Juarez through the use of forensic identification.

Frank Bender, a world famous forensic sculptor from Philadelphia was hired by the foundation to go to Juarez and perform facial reconstruction using the defleshed craniums of the victims. He uses his hands, tools, sculpting materials and his God-given talent.

The pink crosses graphic you see on this page was drawn by Frank one day after a visit to the barrios where these girls lived. The pink crosses marked the places where the woman's bodies were discovered.

The second phase of the project is under-way, educating the sisters and girlfriends of the victims. I feel Mexico will benefit through the education of these woman. The foundation currently has a scholarship available to the University of Juarez. The first student "Jessica" is finishing up her freshmen year.

Should you feel moved to help, please email me and I will explain further how your tax deductible contribution will benefit these girls.